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Iowa State Chapter of Triangle Fraternity
Exciting News! E-mail


Today, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I’m very excited to make a major announcement regarding Triangle Fraternity at Iowa State. As you know, as the result of a huge amount of effort, we have successfully risen from our disbanding into a thriving chapter. In fact, this March, we were awarded our charter in a celebration attended by the Iowa State University President and Dean of Engineering. We have an exceptional cadre of young men in the chapter who continue to excel in their academics, most importantly, but also building the chapter and serving the community. We all should be very proud of them.

But lurking in the background of all of this success, was a very scary threat. After our lease with SAE expired in one more academic year, we might not have a place to live and our actives would be scattered to university housing and off-campus living. A very unappealing and possibly terminal scenario. For two years, we have been searching for a house to purchase, including notifying ISU Greek Affairs and engaging a realtor. During that period, we’ve had a total of zero candidate properties to consider. Scary.

A short time ago, I received a call from the President of the Sigma Chi Alumni Association. He indicated ISU was about to suspend the chapter and the alumni had decided to sell the chapter house. In the interim period, we’ve amassed so many stories, we can’t wait to have a ‘pass the gavel’ or a classic Triangle BS session. But for now, I’ll cut to the punchline – late last week we executed an agreement to purchase the Sigma Chi chapter house!

This house is far and away the crown jewel of all fraternity and sorority houses at ISU. I should quiz you on your pledge education and ask where the Sigma Chi house is located, but I might get the reply, “This lowly pledge is deeply embarrassed and infinitely humiliated …” – so I’ll tell you. It is one of the five fraternity houses on Lincoln Way adjacent the southeast part of campus – the western-most house. The visibility Triangle will get is incredible. Second, in 2015 Sigma Chi completed a 2-year construction process having razed the previous house and built anew. The house has a rare distinction of being in the heart of Greek-land, but 3 years old. It has state of the art safety, security, HVAC, and more. Very importantly, the rooms are suite-style configurations where two sleeping rooms are adjoined by a common study area and a common bathroom with shower. Today’s youth are not fond of the cold air dorm and community showers arrangement of most fraternities and universities have built suite-style dormitories which appeal to students far more than fraternities. In fact, our plan if we purchased an old house was to renovate it into suite-style.


I could go on about positive details of the house, but for this note, I’ll stop and conclude by saying this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – a new, turn-key (furniture and fixtures included), state-of-the-art (safety, security, technology, HVAC, etc) house in the location we desired.

The two primary downsides are the size and price (of course, when isn’t price a downside?!). The building houses 55 men. Our planning number was 40 men since chapters much larger struggle to maintain consistent occupancy with quality men. Our plan to mitigate this downside is to make the financials work with 40 men and use the other rooms as study areas. The second downside is the price. Initially Sigma Chi wanted $5.0M, but we settled on $4.6M. That’s $750k-$1M higher than what we’d originally planned, but since these properties rarely change hands, it’s difficult to determine prices in advance. And most houses would have required major improvements – which necessitate significant additional costs as well as costs to live somewhere else during the build, if such a place can be found. We avoid that with this house.

Without going into the gory details, to secure the purchase, it was necessary to close and take possession this July. Needless to say, it’s been a massive whirlwind of activity to make this happen. With this timeframe, we didn’t have time for the typical mortgage loan process. However, I’m very pleased to say we have secured short-term funding which will allow us to close – quite an achievement. It’s a combination of donations plus a short-term loan from the Triangle Building and Housing Corporation. After closing and getting the actives moved in before the semester begins, we will begin backfilling the short-term loan. We will secure a mortgage for a portion of the debt and launch a capital campaign to solicit donations.

This is truly an extremely fortunate event. Our actions will fully return Triangle to Iowa State – where it belongs. And we will once again have a chapter house to call our home.

We’ll provide more information when we have an opportunity to breathe after the closing and move.

Please block your calendars and plan to return to ISU for Homecoming 2018, October 27, 2018. We plan to celebrate this momentous achievement and hope you’ll join us!

In F, S, & C

John P. Pritchard is82

Alumni Board President


Chapter Installation Update and Announcements! E-mail

Dear Brothers, Friends and Parents,

On March 24th at the Gateway Hotel and Conference Center, the Iowa State Chapter of Triangle Fraternity was awarded its charter. Over 100 people joined in the celebration including Iowa State University President Dr. Wintersteen and Dean of Engineering Dr. Rajala. Attendees also included alumni from every decade since 1964, undergraduates, Triangle National officers and past national presidents, including Tom Pennington its Executive Director, Triangle Education Foundation, Triangle Building and Housing Corporation as well as other university officials and ISU fraternities and sororities. Pictures from the weekend are below.

This is indeed a major milestone and the culmination of years of effort by the undergraduates, alumni board, and Triangle National. We should be proud that Triangle is officially back at Iowa State. I am extremely appreciative of the alumni board and the undergraduates for all their hard work and dedication.

During my Alumni President address, I made two major donation announcements. To aid recruiting and help ensure stability, scholarship funding has been established to provide $2,000 to every incoming Triangle new member. This program will begin this Fall and continue annually and work is underway to extend this scholarship to each active member living in the house. One would expect that announcement to be the keynote announcement, but the second was even better. Through a loan and special investment access, at least $2M will be available to Triangle for the purchase of a new chapter house. While this funding doesn’t completely cover the anticipated costs, it is a major step toward a permanent home for the chapter.

We've certainly come a long way from renting office space on Stanton Avenue!

The future is incredibly bright for Triangle at Iowa State. Please join me in congratulating everyone on this momentous occasion.

In F, S, and C,

John P. Pritchard, is82
Alumni Board President
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Download the Chapter Installation Program

See Br. Tyler Fenton's speech at the Chapter Facebook page


A snowy spring day at the ISU Triangle house

Foyer of the house

Living Room

Dining Room

Brothers Ed McCracken is64, Jason Carroll is02, and Warren Atkinson is98 (Scott Bova photo-bomb)

The Gateway Hotel and Conference Center, Ames, Iowa

Gateway Center

ISU President Dr. Wendy Wintersteen meets the Actives

Welcome from Br. Chris Moe is92

Congratulations from Triangle Executive Director Tom Pennington

Congratulations from Iowa State Greek Life Director Billy Boulden

Congratulations and good luck from IFC President Adam Schoeder

A Triangle History lesson from National Councilman Br. Brad Keller neb69

Br. Keller presents a framed picture of the founders to the Colony's first president Br. EJ Lines is14

Bonus prizes - Br. Keller presents an additional gift from the Nebraska Colony - a picture of the USS Iowa that hung in the Nebraska Chapter Home

Congratulations and stories from National Councilman and Past National President Br. Merle Newlon lou73

Br. Newlon presents the Chapter a framed Coat of Arms - given to past Colony President Br. Nick Perkins is14

Congratulations from Past National President and Triangle Building & Housing Corporation Secretary/Treasurer Br. Jim Marshall pur65

Br. Marshall presents a framed copy of the Triangle Code of Ethics to the Chapter - received by past Colony President Matt Maschmann is15

Congratulations and official message from National Council from National VP Joe Cerrato os05

Br. Cerrato presents the new charter to current Colony (now Chapter) President Tyler Fenton is15

Congratulaitons from Triangle Education Foundation President Scott Bova

Scott presents the gift of a new Triangle flag to Br. Dan Frese is16

Chapter President Br. Tyler Fenton is15 offers his thanks to all the efforts of the actives and alumni who made this happen

Iowa State Alumni President Br. John Pritchard is82 offers his thanks and makes a few HUGE announcements!

Brothers John Greene is73, Mike Goeser is73, Bob Balsbaugh is74, John Pritchard is82, and Dennis Rosauer is74

All Triangle Brothers who attended the event

All gifts presented and the first chapter composite

Re-Chartering Event March 24 E-mail

Triangle National Council, Alumni, Family and Friends of the Iowa State University Colony of Triangle invite you to join us for the installation of the Iowa State Chapter of Triangle Fraternity

Schedule of Events:

Friday, March 23rd

7 PM - Reception at the Chapter House
140 Lynn Ave, Ames, IA

Saturday, March 24th

11 AM - Initiation of Members at the Chapter House
(active and alumni members only)

3 PM - Reception and Charter Presentation
Gateway Hotel and Conference Center
South Prairie Room
2100 Green Hills Drive, Ames, IA

There are no cost for the events; contributions are encouraged.

Sunday, March 25th

10 AM - Brunch at the Chapter House
for any guests still in town.

Register Now

A block of hotel rooms has been reserved at the Gateway for a rate of $114 per night. 
Click Here to Reserve Your Room
Rooms must be reserved by March 2nd.

Dress for Friday/Sunday events is casual.
Saturday Reception is formal.


For additional information, please contact Chris Moe is92 ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or Daniel Frese is16 ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Exciting News & Save the Date E-mail

Dear Brothers,


In 2011, I was attending a Triangle National function when I learned that ISU Triangle had folded.  I’m sure my reaction was like most of yours - gut wrenching disappointment and frustration.  This news was followed by a series of meetings among some ISU alumni.  Needless to say, those meetings were extremely depressing.  But from the very first minute of the very first meeting, there was never a doubt ‘if’ Triangle would return to ISU, only when and how.  That resolute commitment compelled a number of people to commit large amounts of personal time in pursuit of that objective.  Along the way, there have been many ups and downs and a host of challenges.  But the commitment remained, and progress continued.


In the heat of battle, we don’t often look backwards, but as I contemplated this announcement, I took a moment to reflect.  The thoughts and emotions that reflection triggered are difficult to convey in writing.  Therefore, at risk of understatement, I am extremely pleased to announce National has approved Iowa State Triangle’s charter petition!  Triangle has officially returned to ISU!


We are blessed with an outstanding group of actives – young men who have worked extremely hard to build a quality chapter and satisfy the requirements to earn the charter.  And we should recognize and commend recent alumni who performed the critical work to form and grow the colony.  The future of Triangle at ISU is extremely bright.  I encourage you to come join in the celebration, meet your young brothers, and reminisce about your Triangle memories.


Please plan to attend the charter ceremony and social functions in Ames on Saturday, March 24, 2018.  Details are still being formulated, but you can count on a meal and socializing – two musts for Triangles!  We’ve reserved a block of rooms at a discounted rate at the Gateway Hotel and Conference Center.  We’ll send out invitations with more details soon.  I encourage you all to attend.


In F, S, and C,

John P. Pritchard, is82
Alumni Board President
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Ring The Bell E-mail

March 11, 2017

Dear Brothers:

On April 12, 2014, at the gala celebrating our 50th Anniversary, we launched a campaign to establish the Iowa State Chapter Endowment Fund. The purpose was to establish a sizable corpus which would persist in perpetuity to provide annual financial assistance for educational purposes for the benefit of the men of the Iowa State Chapter of Triangle Fraternity. The endowment is invested and managed by the Triangle Education Foundation and provides 5% of its value annually to the chapter. We established a goal of $100k, which would provide $5,000 per year. I’m very pleased to report that we have achieved the $100k goal! I’ll admit, it took FAR longer than I thought it would. Maybe I jinxed it when, at the gala, I said it should be easy! In my defense, we had already lined up $44k from four brothers for the launch. Nonetheless, we have now hit our goal. And for the last two years, the undergraduates have been benefiting from the CEF funds. Funds aided attendance at Leadership and Training Weekend and Herb Scobie Leadership School. This year, with the new house, the men are deliberately thinking through the best use of the funds for the house (I love their seriousness about spending the money), and are in the process of buying a 3-D printer. The men are very appreciative of the support shown by the generous donations of their older brothers.

I have personally thanked each brother who donated, but I think they deserve recognition and thanks from all of us brothers.

Ron Beguin 1964

Ron Sippel 1976

Dan Diesburg 1964

Doug Wiltsie 1977

Jerry Leimer 1964

Dave Slack 1981

Mike Mallinger 1964

Tom Laing 1982

John Poyzer 1964

John Pritchard 1982

Lynn Davis 1965

Dan Ricken 1982

Rich Soukup 1965

Greg Walch 1982

John Gould 1966

Doug Opheim 1983

Larry Medberry 1966

Matt Perun 1984

Ron Moore 1966

Scott Evans 1985

Glenn Vondra 1966

Rick Hautekeete 1987

Ted Newton 1967

Shane Judge 1987

Arnold Dejoode 1969

Chris Moe 1992

Thomas Friedrichsen 1969

Matt Ostanik 1997

Jim Fay 1970

Benjamin Kubczak 1998

Roger Noll 1971

John Meyer 1999

Rich Schlicher 1971

Clint Rabe 1999

Mike Goeser 1973

Nick Shafer 2001

Tom Mallinger 1973

Jason Carroll 2002

Bob Balsbaugh 1974

Nate Johnson 2002

Vince Hoellerich 1975

Weston Lahr 2002

Bob Goehring 1976

Justin Richardson 2009


As a CEO who was often accused by my sales staff of moving the goal line, I need to mention that, although we achieved our goal there is no cap on the CEF, so if you’d still like to donate please don’t hesitate. As the CEF grows, more funds are available annually to the men.

This is quite an accomplishment and will provide lasting benefits to the chapter. I’d like to convey my sincere appreciation to everyone.

In F, S, and C,
John Pritchard
Alumni Board President

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