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Iowa State Chapter of Triangle Fraternity
December Update E-mail

December 17, 2016

Greetings Brothers,

As this calendar year ends, I wanted to provide a brief update on the Colony and the endowment.

The undergrads will provide more information once they get through finals, but here are a few highlights from the Colony (They are a ‘colony’ until they fulfill the requirements of Triangle National to regain the ISU charter and become a ‘chapter’ again. We are working hard toward this goal.). I have met most of the young men in the colony and it gives me such pride because they are so intelligent, talented, friendly, and incredibly motivated about Triangle.

  • Moved into 140 Lynn Avenue in August.
  • Recently activated 8 men bringing their total number of actives to 23.
  • Most recent semester GPA: 3.23, 3rd place in IFC. The guys already are executing a plan which they expect will improve this important metric. Pledge class GPA was the highest of all Triangle chapters.
  • Are reaching out and interacting with other greek organizations including: Alpha Sigma Kappa (engineering sorority), Phi Beta Chi, Kappa Alpha Theta, Farmhouse, and Sigma Lambda Gamma
  • Teamed with FIJI and Kappa Alpha Theta for Homecoming activities.
  • Won 3rd place overall in Greek Week, paired with Delta Delta Delta, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Chi Phi.
  • Hosted Homecoming Dinner for alumni at the house and provided tours to alumni throughout homecoming weekend.

With the recent run-up of the stock market, I know you are looking for ways to reduce the government’s cut of your hard-earned income. I have just the thing for you…a donation to an IRS-recognized non-profit. Seriously though, we are very close to achieving the goal we established at our 50th Anniversary celebration in 2014. We sought to establish a $100k endowment that would annually yield $5,000 to benefit the educational needs of the ISU Chapter’s men. We have raised $93k to date, with 51 out of 412 brothers contributing. We’re so close.

The Chapter Endowment Fund (CEF) has already benefitted the ISU Triangle men. It’s funded attendance at Leadership & Training Weekend (an amazing event hosted by Triangle National at which incredible training is provided to help men become leaders and learn how they can benefit their chapters), and Scobie Leadership School (another incredible program which teaches leadership and other skills that improve the lives of the men and the effectiveness of the chapter). Now that the men are in the house, they are developing plans to use CEF funds to improve the study areas as well as other academic-related improvements to the house. Note: CEF funds can only be used for educational related purposes and Triangle has a process by which the funds are applied for and approved. Your valuable donations are not wasted and only fund educational purposes.

We’ve already seen the great benefit CEF donations provide to our young Triangle Brothers. It’s a great way to give back to what I believe most of us feel was a major positive influence in our lives at a time when we needed it most and provided us skills and experiences that have benefitted our careers. And something that provided for life-long friendships – true brotherhood. Through our donations, we can help provide these same opportunities to the next generation of Triangles. I respectfully ask you to consider a donation before the end of this calendar year. The process is extremely simple. Go to, select the ‘Donate’ tab near the top right. Fill in the form with your donation amount in the ‘Chapter Endowment Fund Donation Amount’ area and select ‘Iowa State Chapter Endowment Fund’ from the dropdown list. If you don’t want to pay by credit card, you can mail a check to Triangle Education Foundation, 120 S. Center Street, Plainfield, IN 46168. Specify on the check that it’s to go toward the ‘Iowa State CEF’.

To those who have already donated, thank you very much. For everyone else, thank you for considering a donation.

I hope you and your families have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and happy holidays. God Bless.

In F, S, and C,

John Pritchard

Alumni Board President

Homecoming 2016 Gathering E-mail

Iowa State Triangles

Homecoming Info PDF E-mail

October 24, 2016

Get the Homecoming Info PDF

Homecoming 2016 E-mail

October 18, 2016

Dear Iowa State Triangle Brothers,

Excitement and growth continue for the colony. The property at 140 Lynn Ave. has suited the colony well so far. The guys are loving the camaraderie that comes with living together, they're hosting Yell Like Hell practices at the house, and dinner-hosting plans are in the works. Brotherhood and bonding experiences are continuing to coincide with the learning opportunities arising from maintaining a physical house, and are helping to develop our colony into well-rounded men. The colony has 9 pledges for it's first recruiting class in the house. They went through the pinning ceremony October 1 and plans for initiation are being finalized. Plan to drop by the house for the events at Homecoming to check out the property, meet the guys, and share stories of your Triangle experience!

Homecoming 2016!

October 28-30 Please RSVP for the weekend here!


6:30 PM: Dinner at the Chapter House!
Come meet the Actives and Pledges for an informal gathering at the new house, see what the chapter has been up to this year and get a tour of the new digs.


8:00 AM: Alumni Board Meeting at the Chapter House.
9:30 AM: Alumni Tailgate before the Game. Food and drinks will be provided.
11:00 AM: Game time and gamewatch at the Chapter House for those not attending. House tours will also be available for those that didn't get a chance on Friday.
Post-game: please feel free to use the Chapter House to gather informally and make dinner plans.

Important: If you want tickets to the game, please RSVP by Thursday, October 20!

Alumni Board Meeting

An agenda for the board meeting will be sent out soon, but elections will be a part of it. This year, the terms for John Pritchard and Brant Bristow will be expiring. Please nominate yourself or someone else that you think would be a great member of the board to help develop our young leaders! Officer positions open for election every homecoming, and include president, vice president, and treasurer.

Current Board Members:

Brant Bristow is98 - term expires 2016 
John Pritchard is82 - term expires 2016
Jason Carroll is02 - term expires 2017 
Clint Rabe is99 - term expires 2017
Olaf Peterson is97 - term expires 2018
Nick Shafer is01 - term expires 2018
Brian Regan - Active President

Current Officers:

President - Brant Bristow is98 
Vice president - Clint Rabe is99
Treasurer - Jason Carroll is02

We look forward to seeing you at Homecoming 2016!

In F,S,&C,

Brant Bristow is98

Alumni Board President
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Triangle Has a New Home at Iowa State! E-mail

December 17, 2015

Greetings Brothers,

After a long, difficult journey, Iowa State Triangle is no longer homeless! That’s right, beginning with the Fall 2016 semester, Triangle will occupy the SAE house at 140 Lynn Ave. Almost a year ago, we began discussions with SAE (who were suspended from ISU for at least four years) about renting their house. Timing, financials, and other factors made it unfeasible at that time. The opportunity re-surfaced in October when SAE contacted us again. The alumni board and the actives put in a great deal of work in the last two months to create a feasible plan that works for both parties. Triangle and SAE have reached agreement on the key parameters and executed a Letter of Intent while the lease instrument itself is developed. This is great news for Triangle at Iowa State. The guys will now have a home where they can strengthen their brotherhood and it should assist their recruiting efforts as well. It’s a beautiful house, located in the heart of the Greek community. It’s been a lot of work to get to this point and we still have much more to do. We’ll share more details after the holidays.

SAE at Iowa State

The new house is a good opportunity to remind you of the Chapter Endowment Fund (CEF). One and one half years ago we launched the CEF to establish an endowment which would annually provide funds to directly support education opportunities for the Iowa State colony. Our goal was to secure $100k in donations. An endowment of that size will produce approximately $5,000 annually in support. We launched the CEF at our 50th Anniversary Celebration and announced that we had already secured $45k from four brothers that had agreed to jumpstart the fund. Disappointingly, one of those commitments hasn’t been honored. Currently the fund stands at $74,600. So we have achieved 75% of our goal.

The endowment has already benefitted the Iowa State members. Using CEF funds, some of our brothers were able to attend Triangle’s Leadership Training Weekend as well as a Regional Leadership Conference this year. These events provide focused, hands-on training that not only benefits the men, but the entire colony. Nate Perkins, the colony President, said the events were valuable experiences and he hopes to be able to send more members to future training. CEF funds can also be used for any education-related expense in the new house such as study areas and supporting technology.

To the 32 brothers out of 400+ living alumni of the Iowa State Chapter that have donated to the endowment, I thank you very much. That’s right, only 8% of our alumni have contributed. That’s disappointing, and frankly, completely contrary to what I expected. I’m pretty certain all of us would say our experience at Triangle benefitted us in our personal and professional lives. I’m also pretty certain that, in part because of Triangle, we can spare a couple hundred bucks to give back. After a difficult time, Triangle is back at ISU. This community that was such an important part of our lives when we were young will continue its legacy of positively influencing and benefitting young men. The Alumni Board has expended a great deal of time and effort toward re-establishing Triangle at ISU. I understand that many of you are not able to donate time to help the new colony, but would you please consider donating some money - even a small amount - to show the undergraduates that they have a large portion of their alumni brothers standing behind them supporting their success?

If after reading the other two previous request letters you set them aside to deal with later and then forgot about them, I ask you to write a check immediately this time. I’ve included instructions below. The donation is completely tax deductible, so you can help Triangle and your 2015 taxes! Please help get this across the finish line so we don’t have to spend any more effort on this and we can focus our efforts on the other activities needed to help the undergraduates succeed.

Thank you for your consideration. Go Clones!

In F,S,&C,

John P. Pritchard

Write a check to “Triangle Education Foundation” and put “Iowa State CEF” in the memo field. Mail it to Triangle Education Foundation, 120 South Center St, Plainfield, IN 46188-1214.

FYI: You can also donate stock directly from your investment accounts. Donating stock allows you to avoid capital gains on the stock. So it’s a great way to benefit Triangle and avoid capital gains taxes!

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