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Iowa State Chapter of Triangle Fraternity
Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - 02-20-2011 E-mail

Full meeting minutes available below

Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - 02-13-2011 E-mail


  1. Brian Vanecek
  2. Chris Moe
  3. Josh Brown
  4. Olaf Peterson
  5. Nate Engle
  6. Jason Carroll
  7. Brant Bristow
  8. Bill Stockdale
  • Office/Committee Reports
    • President
      • Property Management company is going to pay snow removal fine. They didn't communicate that the Hyland Property also needed to be cleared.
    • Treasurer
      • $1,500 in account.
      • Going to pay last year's taxes on annex property, should leave us with about $500.
    • Fund-raising
      • Josh is actively talking with multiple alums regarding the loan.
  • New Business
    • Discuss the communication regarding the suspension
      • 64 people had opened the email.
      • 10 surveys filled out.
      • Got one email with questions about pledge projects.
    • In-person meeting
      • Start thinking about what the agenda should be.  Brant and Chris are working on this.
      • Chris has a room reserved.
      • Brian T. will be there, as well as someone from the Triangle Foundation.
      • Someone from ISU will be there as well.
    • Next Meeting
      • 9 pm on Sunday, February 20th
Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - 02-07-2011 E-mail


  1. Brian Vanecek
  2. Chris Moe
  3. Josh Brown
  4. Dax Kuhfuss
  5. Nate Engle
  6. Jason Carroll
  7. Brant Bristow
  • Office/Committee Reports
    • President
      • We got a $180 fine from the City of Ames for not shoveling the sidewalks.  Talked to the property management company about this, they are appealing the fine.
    • Treasurer
      • Able to close Active checking accounts.  All funds moved to the alumni account.
    • Fund-raising
      • Had some email conversations with a few alumni regarding the loan, some initial interest.  Looking to have phone conversations with them by the end of the week.
      • Need to start investigating how to setup the actual contract, especially how it might work with multiple donors.
  • New Business
    • Br. Brown brought up some long term ideas that would be benefits for members in the future.  Some things to discuss as we look for things to try and get in place before we begin the recolonization effort.
      • A company job board that alumni update with actual HR reps from their company.
      • Form a Triangle angel investing group.  Provide a route for more entrepreneurial members.
    • Br. Pigott resigned from the board last week.
      • Nominations to fill the position (term lasts until Homecoming 2011):  Br. Moe.
        • The Board voted unanimously for Br. Moe.
    • Discuss the communication regarding the suspension
      • Scott Bova and Brian Tenclinger provided some feedback on the early draft.
        • They thought it would be good to include a survey to try and get some feedback and info from the alumni.
        • Include details on the strategy meeting at VEISHEA 2011.  We've already got a date and time scheduled, so this is certainly possible.
      • Br. Moe will update the draft and get that out tomorrow via email.
      • Plan is to send out to alumni on February 10th  (Josh will send a final proof to the board on the 9th).
    • Next Meeting
      • 9 pm on Sunday, February 13th
Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - 01-31-2011 E-mail


  1. Brian Vanecek
  2. Chris Moe
  3. Bill Stockdale
  4. Dane Pigott
  5. Josh Brown
  6. Dax Kuhfuss
  7. Nate Engle
  8. Jason Carroll
  9. Brant Bristow
  • Office/Committee Reports
    • Facilities
      • Annex Rental Status - unrented
      • Contract with Management Company - nothing signed yet.
      • Proposed rent:  $1,350 - $1,400 for Spring 2011, $2,000 Fall 2011.
      • Dishwasher, Central Air recommended to be installed.
      • $825 spent so far by property manager cleaning and readying property.
  • Old Business
    • Suspension of Active Chapter
      • National approved suspension of the Active Chapter
      • Aaron Swailes must be initiated before official suspension date.
      • Suspension effective February 7th.
    • Immediate Needs Loan
      • Josh will send out email the night of February 1st.
      • Phone calls starting February 2nd.
  • New Business
    • In-person meeting
      • Still looking at the Saturday of VEISHEA.
      • Some might be going to the Spring Game if people are interested.
      • Tentatively meet at 1 pm.
      • Plan on doing house clean-up on Sunday for people that are available.
      • Nate Engle talked to Nationals about having a consultant come out to this meeting.  Nate is going to follow-up to understand his purpose and if that aligns with where we're at.
      • Chris will secure a location for this meeting.
    • Next Meeting
      • 9 pm on February 7th.
Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - 01-23-2011 E-mail


  1. Brant Bristow
  2. Nate Engle
  3. Chris Moe
  4. Josh Brown
  5. Jason Carroll
  6. Dax Kuhfuss
  7. Brian Vanecek
  • Office/Committee Reports
    • President
      • Still working on renting the annex in the short term
      • Management company believes they can get $1,350 - $1,400 a month for Spring 2011. $2,000 a month for the Fall.
      • $825 spent on repairs thus far.
      • No written contract right now.
    • Treasurer
      • Current Status
        • Have about $1,500 dollars.
        • Will pay down taxes on annex.
        • Get $850 in pledged donation this past week.
      • Authorization of checking accounts
        • Will close active accounts and only use the alumni account.
      • 3-year amount due = about $30,000 ($10,000 due May, other $20,000).
  • Old Business
    • Suspension of Active Chapter
      • Suspension Letter - Awaiting National vote on Monday (they rescheduled from Sunday).  Expecting Brian T. to let us know.
      • All Ritual items at Aaron Brace's house.
      • Nate asked about the check books for the checking account
        • Nate will follow-up with who he thinks has them.
        • Have a local alumnus pick them up.
      • Initiation of Aaron Swailes
        • Pending the vote from National Council on Monday.
      • Garbage, Utilities, etc.
        • Garbage collection canceled.
        • Incurring expenses for heating the annex.
  • New Business
    • The following positions are provided access to all donation information:
        • President
        • Treasurer
        • Facilities Director
        • All elected or appointed positions that primarily deal with fund raising.
      • Approved unanimously.
    • Seek a loan for immediate needs.
      • Will be much faster than fundraising.
      • General thoughts on terms
        • Something like 2% APR.
        • Will start paying back in 2014 when new colony starts up.
        • If we sell the property, they will be paid back first.
      • Nate will provide an estimate of money needed to last three years.
      • Ask one or more alumni for a loan to be paid back.
        • Note that BLF is not an option.  They can only provide loans for facility upgrades.
        • Josh has a short list to start with.  Scott Bova has some additional names if needed.
      • Approved unanimously.
    • Discuss process of re-colonization decision.
      • Dax's email with flowcharts.
      • Tabled until Josh's efforts to attain a loan, but discussions will continue via email in the interim.
    • Alumni communication for February 8th.
      • Quick email and/or mailing informing of suspension and re-colonization plans.
      • Don't include fundraising.
      • Draft of communication for the next conference call.
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