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Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - 01-31-2011 E-mail


  1. Brian Vanecek
  2. Chris Moe
  3. Bill Stockdale
  4. Dane Pigott
  5. Josh Brown
  6. Dax Kuhfuss
  7. Nate Engle
  8. Jason Carroll
  9. Brant Bristow
  • Office/Committee Reports
    • Facilities
      • Annex Rental Status - unrented
      • Contract with Management Company - nothing signed yet.
      • Proposed rent:  $1,350 - $1,400 for Spring 2011, $2,000 Fall 2011.
      • Dishwasher, Central Air recommended to be installed.
      • $825 spent so far by property manager cleaning and readying property.
  • Old Business
    • Suspension of Active Chapter
      • National approved suspension of the Active Chapter
      • Aaron Swailes must be initiated before official suspension date.
      • Suspension effective February 7th.
    • Immediate Needs Loan
      • Josh will send out email the night of February 1st.
      • Phone calls starting February 2nd.
  • New Business
    • In-person meeting
      • Still looking at the Saturday of VEISHEA.
      • Some might be going to the Spring Game if people are interested.
      • Tentatively meet at 1 pm.
      • Plan on doing house clean-up on Sunday for people that are available.
      • Nate Engle talked to Nationals about having a consultant come out to this meeting.  Nate is going to follow-up to understand his purpose and if that aligns with where we're at.
      • Chris will secure a location for this meeting.
    • Next Meeting
      • 9 pm on February 7th.


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