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Iowa State Chapter of Triangle Fraternity
Exciting News! E-mail


Today, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I’m very excited to make a major announcement regarding Triangle Fraternity at Iowa State. As you know, as the result of a huge amount of effort, we have successfully risen from our disbanding into a thriving chapter. In fact, this March, we were awarded our charter in a celebration attended by the Iowa State University President and Dean of Engineering. We have an exceptional cadre of young men in the chapter who continue to excel in their academics, most importantly, but also building the chapter and serving the community. We all should be very proud of them.

But lurking in the background of all of this success, was a very scary threat. After our lease with SAE expired in one more academic year, we might not have a place to live and our actives would be scattered to university housing and off-campus living. A very unappealing and possibly terminal scenario. For two years, we have been searching for a house to purchase, including notifying ISU Greek Affairs and engaging a realtor. During that period, we’ve had a total of zero candidate properties to consider. Scary.

A short time ago, I received a call from the President of the Sigma Chi Alumni Association. He indicated ISU was about to suspend the chapter and the alumni had decided to sell the chapter house. In the interim period, we’ve amassed so many stories, we can’t wait to have a ‘pass the gavel’ or a classic Triangle BS session. But for now, I’ll cut to the punchline – late last week we executed an agreement to purchase the Sigma Chi chapter house!

This house is far and away the crown jewel of all fraternity and sorority houses at ISU. I should quiz you on your pledge education and ask where the Sigma Chi house is located, but I might get the reply, “This lowly pledge is deeply embarrassed and infinitely humiliated …” – so I’ll tell you. It is one of the five fraternity houses on Lincoln Way adjacent the southeast part of campus – the western-most house. The visibility Triangle will get is incredible. Second, in 2015 Sigma Chi completed a 2-year construction process having razed the previous house and built anew. The house has a rare distinction of being in the heart of Greek-land, but 3 years old. It has state of the art safety, security, HVAC, and more. Very importantly, the rooms are suite-style configurations where two sleeping rooms are adjoined by a common study area and a common bathroom with shower. Today’s youth are not fond of the cold air dorm and community showers arrangement of most fraternities and universities have built suite-style dormitories which appeal to students far more than fraternities. In fact, our plan if we purchased an old house was to renovate it into suite-style.


I could go on about positive details of the house, but for this note, I’ll stop and conclude by saying this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – a new, turn-key (furniture and fixtures included), state-of-the-art (safety, security, technology, HVAC, etc) house in the location we desired.

The two primary downsides are the size and price (of course, when isn’t price a downside?!). The building houses 55 men. Our planning number was 40 men since chapters much larger struggle to maintain consistent occupancy with quality men. Our plan to mitigate this downside is to make the financials work with 40 men and use the other rooms as study areas. The second downside is the price. Initially Sigma Chi wanted $5.0M, but we settled on $4.6M. That’s $750k-$1M higher than what we’d originally planned, but since these properties rarely change hands, it’s difficult to determine prices in advance. And most houses would have required major improvements – which necessitate significant additional costs as well as costs to live somewhere else during the build, if such a place can be found. We avoid that with this house.

Without going into the gory details, to secure the purchase, it was necessary to close and take possession this July. Needless to say, it’s been a massive whirlwind of activity to make this happen. With this timeframe, we didn’t have time for the typical mortgage loan process. However, I’m very pleased to say we have secured short-term funding which will allow us to close – quite an achievement. It’s a combination of donations plus a short-term loan from the Triangle Building and Housing Corporation. After closing and getting the actives moved in before the semester begins, we will begin backfilling the short-term loan. We will secure a mortgage for a portion of the debt and launch a capital campaign to solicit donations.

This is truly an extremely fortunate event. Our actions will fully return Triangle to Iowa State – where it belongs. And we will once again have a chapter house to call our home.

We’ll provide more information when we have an opportunity to breathe after the closing and move.

Please block your calendars and plan to return to ISU for Homecoming 2018, October 27, 2018. We plan to celebrate this momentous achievement and hope you’ll join us!

In F, S, & C

John P. Pritchard is82

Alumni Board President


Exciting News for the Chapter! E-mail

I’m very pleased to share with you some exciting news!

Since the re-colonization of the chapter we have celebrated success in academics, service, and brotherhood while achieving some very impressive milestones, including re-securing our charter and purchasing our new house. However, we have struggled to achieve our goal of a stable, consistent, operationally effective chapter. We realize that, despite our successes, we’re still a young organization without the historical, institutional experience of much older chapters. Over the past several months, we have been actively working to find a way to address this challenge and provide more support to the chapter.

Many of you are already familiar with Triangle National’s Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC) program. ELCs are individuals experienced and trained in the multitude of areas necessary to have a successful chapter. The ELCs periodically visit chapters for a few days to conduct assessments and then work with the chapters to address areas of need. It’s an excellent program but the ELCs are spread very thin and can’t get to each chapter as frequently as we’d like.

We want to leverage this existing program but make it more beneficial to our chapter by getting much more dedicated, on-site, direct interaction with the chapter. A very generous alumnus stepped forward and agreed to fund a fulltime ELC who will be based in the chapter house and who will dedicate 75% of their time to helping the ISU chapter. The other 25% will be to support Triangle National educational programs and a few local chapters. This is an enormous benefit to the chapter – I don’t know of any other fraternity with a dedicated ELC.

In the past month, we defined the position, secured the donation, and began seeking candidates. Last week we identified who we believe is an ideal candidate – excellent relevant experience as an ELC, ISU Greek experience and contacts, and highly recommended by the ISU Director of Greek Affairs. The candidate is not a Triangle. And… the candidate is not male. We believe a non-Triangle is positive – an outside view and new ideas. On the other point, it initially gave us pause (as I’m sure it does for you too). We’ve conducted very thorough due diligence including speaking with multiple key executives in Triangle National, Triangle’s legal counsel, Triangle’s insurance provider, ISU Director of Greek Affairs (multiple times), the candidate’s references, and another fraternity at ISU who utilizes a live-in female graduate student house director. And of course, multiple people have interviewed the candidate. All of the discussions were positive, and the interview results were exceptional. We have a Director’s Suite which provides full living facilities which are distinctly separate from the other living areas of the house. We will specify specific ground rules to reduce the risk of any incidents. But the bottom line is we trust the character of our men and expect they will handle this with the appropriate respect and professionalism.

Here is a summary of Quinn’s qualifications. Quinn Moran is a native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and the successful Past President of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority at ISU in 2017. Quinn graduated ISU Summa Cum Laude in Business Marketing in 2018 and has extensive leadership experience at her sorority, at the ISU Panhellenic Council and as a Leadership Consultant for her sorority for the last year. Quinn brings a combination of positive attitude, great communication skills, experience in recruitment at ISU and excellent relations in the ISU Greek community and ISU officials. Quinn understands the system, what it takes to succeed in building a strong chapter and the commitment to work extremely hard and closely with the active chapter and alumni to make it happen. In fact, she has already jumped in with both feet and the board is extremely impressed with her efforts in the first few weeks to help with summer recruitment. Quinn will have a dual reporting role to Triangle National and the ISU Triangle Alumni Board.

This is another incredible benefit bestowed on our men and the chapter. A fully funded, ELC dedicated to teaching and assisting us to become the best chapter we can be. We expect the position will continue for 2 years at which point the chapter should be mature, stable, and self-sustaining. We will provide additional details in the future, but we wanted to quickly announce this to all of you.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me or anyone on the Alumni Board.

In F S & C,
John P. Pritchard
ISU Alumni Board President



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Calendar Posted on Website E-mail

The chapter calendar has been posted here.

Homecoming Meeting Minutes - 10-22-2011 E-mail

We had a great meeting at Homecoming.  Thirteen brothers were able to attend in person, and two attended via our conference call.  We got a lot of good participation, including electing four board members, and several other people volunteered to help with some of the committees.

A tailgate will be taking place before the game.  If you are able to join us, we'll be in the south-center of lot C4.  We hope to see you there!

Full meeting minutes available below.

Homecoming Meeting Agenda E-mail

The next alumni meeting will be in Ames on October 22, 2011, which is Homecoming weekend. Please plan to attend if you are able.  Here are the basic details, including conference call information for those who are unable to attend.  See the attachment below for the full agenda.

October 22, 2011 – 9:00 am
Gateway Center, North Meadow Room – Ames, IA
Conference call will also be set up:
Phone: (308) 344-6400
Code: 165176#

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