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Iowa State Chapter of Triangle Fraternity
Homecoming Meeting Info E-mail

Hi everyone, one more last-minute email before Homecoming! Great to see folks meeting up at dinner last night; we hope to see lots of you at the alumni meeting and tailgate today!

Download the agenda for the meeting here. The call-in number and passcode are listed and here:

Call-in Number: 712-432-0460
Passcode: 165176#

For those attending the meeting, please use the North Door of the Alumni Center at noon.

Contact me if you have any questions. We all look forward to seeing or hearing from you at noon!

In F, S, & C,

Brant Bristow is98
Alumni Board President
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Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - 11-18-2010 E-mail

Jason Carroll
Nate Engle
Josh Brown
Brian Vanecek
Brant Bristow


  • Have a property management guy lined up to look at the property.
    • Jason is working to coordinate a tour with Clint and/or Brace.
  • Code issues with Annex
    • Josh has a checklist from a city of Ames website with a list of things included in the rental code.
    • Good news is that we shouldn't have to worry too much about major renovation type expenses, since we don't have to conform to building codes, just the rental code.
    • The rental company should be able to provide some guidance, plus any feedback we get from the inspection.
  • Discussed getting a BLF loan for this.
    • Use that money to improve the annex.
    • Nate - Could we ask for more to pay off our First National loan?

Motion 1)

I move to hold an Annex Work Weekend for Dec 4th to fix any required aspects of the Annex that we need to fix in order to get it up to code per the City of Ames.  In order to hold the work weekend we will need to turn back on power and water to the Annex before the work weekend starts.  We will work with the active chapter to get as many of them to attend, but their attendance will be optional as finals are only 15 days from this date.  We will advertise the work weekend via the website and email newsletter.

Board conditionally approves this motion contingent on getting money from BLF to fund the work.  Josh Brown will talk to BLF to see what this will take.


Motion 2)

I motion that we attempt to keep the chapter solvent and own and maintain all 3 parcels of land we currently own for at least the next three years by requesting alumni donations and pledged donations totaling $38,250.  This number was reached as follows:

Current Debt     $8,000.00
3 years expenses:     $45,000.00
3 years Annex Rent Income:     -$33,750.00
3 years maintenance/upkeep on main house:     $6,000.00
recruitment expenses and active chapter support     $8,000.00
unexpected expenses / unfulfilled pledges     $5,000.00

TOTAL:     $38,250.00

We will set a deadline of March 31st to obtain all donations and pledges.  If we are within 80% our fund raising goal we will proceed with the long term plan for the house and facility as developed by the facilities committee.  If we do not meet our goal then we will contact all of the donors and issue them refunds or if they wish we can forward their donation on to the National Fraternity and we will start executing a plan to sell the chapter property (this plan is also to be determined by the facilities committee). 

Brant/Josh proposes an amendment that the board along with the facilities committee will convene a meeting once the deadline is reached to evaluate progress towards the goal and determine which actions are necessary.


Motion passes as amended.



  • Josh Brown reports that he is still working on forming the Facitilies committee.  Right now, more focused on the short term, primarily looking at securing the financial situation for the next three years.
    • Has been contacted by a few alums interested in the committee.


  • Josh discussed a little about the fundraising effort.
    • Looking at setting up a fundraising page on the website over the next two weeks.
    • Get the chapter roster together and break up the list into 20 sections.  Then get as many people as possible calling everyone.
    • Beyond just soliciting donations, we will also seek updated contact information for other members.
  • Josh will contact Scott Bova tomorrow to discuss loan possibilities.
Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - 01-11-2011 E-mail


  1. Chris Moe
  2. Jason Carroll
  3. Brian Vanecek
  4. Brant Bristow
  5. Bill Stockdale
  6. Dane Pigott
  7. Dax Kuhfuss
  8. Olaf Peterson
  9. Nate Engle
  10. Josh Brown
  11. Colby Moorberg
  12. Matt Moorberg
  13. Justin Richardson
  14. Brian Tenclinger
  • Bill Stockdale motions to recommend to the National Council that the Chapter be suspended.
    • Seconded by Dane Pigott
    • Amend to request that the active chapter be allowed to initiate Aaron Swailes.
      • Passed by UC.
    • Vote on amended motion
      • Motion approved 6 - 0.
  • Set time for next meeting.
    • 8 pm on Sunday, January 16th.
Homecoming 2015 Reminder E-mail

The countdown is on to Iowa State University Homecoming! Please join us October 30 and 31 for brotherhood, dinner, an alumni meeting, tailgating, and football!

Friday, October 30
Dinner at 7:00pm at The IowaStater in the Gateway Center Hotel in Ames

Saturday, October 31
Alumni Meeting in the Alumni Center near Jack Trice Stadium at noon.
Tailgating - Lots open at noon. We'll be in Lot A3 near the Alumni Center (look for the Triangle flag and a "one nation" RV) map of tailgating lots
Football Game vs Texas - 6:00 pm

Download the Homecoming Weekend PDF

Please RSVP for the weekend here

We hope to see you there!

In F, S, & C,

Brant Bristow is98
Alumni Board President
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Colony Update and Save The Date! E-mail

September 23, 2015

For better or worse, football season is here. The South End Zone project at Jack Trice Stadium is constructed and amazing, and Iowa State football won its first game there! Hopefully there are more where that came from, including this October 31: Homecoming Weekend against Texas!

The ISU colony continues find its way toward official chapter status. The colony consists of 14 actives and 6-10 new members (pledge pinning October 9th). The office space on Stanton continues to serve the colony well, as they use it as a place to study, meet, and play. Members are currently living together in apartment complexes throughout Ames. On the academic front, the colony ended up the past spring semester with a 3.11 GPA, which was good for a tie for 6th place in the IFC report. The GPA was also significantly higher than the All Men’s Undergrad Average (2.94) and the All Fraternity Average (3.00). Congratulate them when you see them next (Homecoming weekend, at a minimum)!

The alumni group continues to work together with the colony, and local alumni attend colony meetings and executive meetings as often as practical. Alumni have been on the lookout for houses and properties, both for rent or purchase. One such opportunity arose this past spring when we were approached by Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) about renting their property on Lynn Avenue. We investigated this option thoroughly, and worked extensively with the colony, before ultimately deciding it was not feasible. The SAE house has a 65-man capacity, and the current colony membership was at 17. Even with a very aggressive and optimistic recruiting target, the colony would still only fill half the house. Involving another group to rent with the colony and share the space was ruled out due to potential risk factors. The timeline under which we were contacted created another complication, as the colony membership had already signed contracts for apartment leases, and we would incur approximately $10k in lease breaks. The concept of renting a house until we are able to purchase one is sound. However, this house at this time was simply too large and expensive. Both we and the undergraduates decided that it was best to focus on recruiting and building a solid, stable foundation at this time. We continue discussions with SAE about renting their property in the future, as they’re looking to secure renters from 2016-2020. With a few good recruiting semesters, the colony will be in a solid position to rent a house of that size.

Save the date of October 31, Iowa State’s Homecoming weekend! More details will follow, posted to the Iowa State Triangle Alumni website and emailed, but here’s a general agenda for the weekend.

Friday: Dinner at The IowaStater Restaurant in the Gateway Hotel in Ames

Saturday: Alumni meeting at the ISU Alumni Center, Tailgate, Football Game

Please RSVP for the weekend here.

Officer positions open for election every homecoming, and include president, vice president, and treasurer.

Current Board Members:
Chris Moe is92 - term expires 2015
Bob Balsbaugh is74 - term expires 2015
Brant Bristow is98 - term expires 2016
John Pritchard is82 - term expires 2016
Jason Carroll is02 - term expires 2017
Clint Rabe is99 - term expires 2017
Nate Perkins - Active President

Current Officers:
President - Brant Bristow is98
Vice president - John Pritchard is82
Treasurer - Jason Carroll is02

In F, S, & C,

Brant Bristow is98
Alumni Board President
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