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Active Presentation

  • Transform chapter away from chapter house
  • Build membership up to 60 and then build new house and/or deal with facilities
  • Build better alumni relations
  • Faculty advisor is Ian Shrider, Dean is a resource we are leveraging to help us with getting our name out and making connections
  • Rex Grossman asking questions:
    • Suggested looking for house mom - more integral advisor
    • Asked why house capacity has dropped - because guys require more space
    • Persistent recruiting problems - based on house conditions over the last 3 years

Dax Starts Alumni portion:

  • Current roster is 10 guys and 2 new mbmers
  • 4 guys graduating
  • Brian T coming in two weeks
  • Aaron - voted in to be recruitment chair
  • Difficult transition of recruitment chair because old guy has cancer
  • No new members by January
  • Scholarship Info
    • 2.52 GPA last semester
    • Justin says grades are up this semester
  • Financial Aspects
    • Actives moved out
    • Since then, we've worked on how to keep the chapter aflloard with house bills
    • Current costs are basically all property taxes
    • We have to make a decision on how to move forward with the house and deal with bills
  • House Condition
    • Mold
    • Work Weekend helped winterize the house two weekends ago
    • Sprinkler System requirements - need to be in by 2014 - We've applied for an extension and been approved
    • Base costs to install Sprinkler system are estimated at $80K
    • Fire Chief wanted us to replace doors and have battery backup system in place to meet code
  • Donations
    • We are going to go after some donations
    • Looking into putting together a bigger drive
  • Events Planning
    • Another Work Weekend
  • New Business
    • Alumni Board has a motion on the table to create a director of facilities position 
      • Purpose is to coordinate Fundraising and for developing future plans for facilities
      • Alumni would take this position
      • Would be elected by alumni organization or appointed by President in leue of a vote
      • ammendment proposed by Brian Vanicek to remove fundraising from responsibilities and create a committee that that has a minimum of 4 members with at least 1 member appointed from the active chapter.  ammendment carries 10 - 6.
      • With the purpose of developing a facilities plan
    • Rex Grossman
      • has talked with a number of alums and is alarmed
      • Pat Tang has offered his service
      • Has lots of connections to help local contractors to help with getting the facilities part of this turned around
      • Property Tax - we need to negotiate with the city
      • Scott Bova has been contacted and has said loans are attainable, but we dont' have the peronsell in place to pay for it ...duh
    • Tyler Platt talked about how they have tried several times to fix things and nothing seemed like it was good enough
  • Future Plan for the chapter house discussion  
    • Vanicek offers a suggestion that faculty advisor serve on the facilities committee
    • Actives will only help clean the house and shovel snow
    • Dax shares his options:  1) Sell the property and worry about facilities at later date OR 2) Rehabilitate the existing property
    • Aaron says we're fights time and money
      • Annex seems like its in a great rentable property
      • Use Annex as lifeboat
    • Justin suggests asking Alumni for donations to help grow the chapter (recruitment, etc?)
    • Josh asks new guys for discussion 
      • Aaron - sell the house, build the chapter, bring it back later
      • Everyone agrees everyone wants a house long term
  • Corporation Board elections
    • Six alumni Board members that are also corporation board members, plus president make 7 board members
    • Point of info: Nate Engle is current treasure and wants to continue on
    • Brant wants to be on the board Booya!
    • Matt Bonneau accepts nomination
    • Nominations closed
    • Each member gets 1 vote for each position
    • Nate elected by unanimous ballot
    • In favor of Matt Bonneau: 4
    • In favor of Brant Bristow: 7
    • In favor of Brad: 3
    • Brant wins!
  •, Justin and Josh going to talk about this afterwards
  • Someone else owns 515-292-2416 - Rex proposes that we get a permanent number for Triangle - 
    • Josh says he will get the old number requested and assigned to him
  • Taking nominations for appointed positions:  Brad nominates himself for Alumni Advisor
  • Pat Tangen, Chris Moe, Matt Ostanik, Nate Johnson, John Prtichard, Matt Bonneau, Josh Brown


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