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Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - 11-08-2010 E-mail

11/08/2010 - 9 pm - Alumni Board Conference Call


Jason Carroll
Aaron Brace
Dax Kuhfuss
Nate Engle
Brian Vanecek
Brad Smith


  • Recaping minutes from Homecoming Meetings.
    • Brad Smith requested a breakdown of where active dues are going.
      • Nate Engle volunteered to provide that.
  • Looking at renting the annex
    • City of Ames passed new rental ordinance a few months ago.
    • Might have to bring the whole annex up to code.
    • Costs for property management would be 1/2 of first months rent and 10% for the remaining months (per year).
    • Jason is looking at bringing in a rental agency person to start evaluating what it would take to get it ready.
      • Brad is in town this weekend to meet with them if it can be arranged.
  • Josh is forming his committee.
  • Dax brought up adding people to the email list.
    • Need to add Brian and Brad to the list.
    • Discussed adding the active president to the list.
      • Brad suggested adding the active correspondent
    • Consensus seemed to be to send the minutes instead of all emails and see how that works.
  • Dax recommended that we get an updated active officer list.
    • Brad is going to ask for this when he visits this weekend.




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