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Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - 02-13-2011 E-mail


  1. Brian Vanecek
  2. Chris Moe
  3. Josh Brown
  4. Olaf Peterson
  5. Nate Engle
  6. Jason Carroll
  7. Brant Bristow
  8. Bill Stockdale
  • Office/Committee Reports
    • President
      • Property Management company is going to pay snow removal fine. They didn't communicate that the Hyland Property also needed to be cleared.
    • Treasurer
      • $1,500 in account.
      • Going to pay last year's taxes on annex property, should leave us with about $500.
    • Fund-raising
      • Josh is actively talking with multiple alums regarding the loan.
  • New Business
    • Discuss the communication regarding the suspension
      • 64 people had opened the email.
      • 10 surveys filled out.
      • Got one email with questions about pledge projects.
    • In-person meeting
      • Start thinking about what the agenda should be.  Brant and Chris are working on this.
      • Chris has a room reserved.
      • Brian T. will be there, as well as someone from the Triangle Foundation.
      • Someone from ISU will be there as well.
    • Next Meeting
      • 9 pm on Sunday, February 20th


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