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Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - 02-28-2011 E-mail

Full meeting minutes available below Attendess:

  1. Nate Engle
  2. Chris Moe
  3. Dax Kuhfuss
  4. Jason Carroll
  5. Brant Bristow
  • Office/Committee Reports
    • President
      • Discussed paying initiation for Aaron since he had over 3.5 GPA, decided this is not something we had agreed to do or done before and therefore asked Aaron to pay it.
    • Treasurer
      • Paid Annex property taxes and could pay the other property, but will wait for more income.
      • Received $850 from insurance company for no losses in 2007.
      • Actives (Josh) found one of the checkbooks, but not even sure if they have checks for the other accounts.
    • Fund-raising
      • Loan
        • Josh is actively talking with multiple alums regarding the loan.  He was not on the call to provide an update.
        • Chris will talk to the BLF about documents for the loans.
    • Facilities
      • Received property management agreement, discuss later in the meeting.
      • Mail House clean-up during VEISHEA, Jason will look at it this coming weekend to better plan the weekend.
  • Old Business
    • Communication with alumni.
      • Josh to set up method for the Board to review survey results and see list of those reading emails.
      • Chris will send out letter draft, to non-emails, this week.
      • Will continue to pursue updated emails when info is available.
      • Need to update web site - Jason emailed Brian V. and will follow-up to get minutes and meeting recordings posted.
    • Re-colonization decision.
      • Need to kick back up that conversation via email this week.
      • Plan is to have a decision at VEISHEA.
    • VEISHEA meeting (April 15-17)
      • Chris, Brant, and Jason met on Thursday to develop ideas.
      • Will have presentations/discussions with National fund-raising consultant, Brian T., and ISU Greek Affairs.
      • Should discuss facilities and therefore need lots of info related to what each option would entail.
      • Develop committee to assign responsibility and focus people's efforts.  Committee Ideas:
        • Recruitment
        • Facilities
        • Fund-raising
        • Communication
        • 50th Anniversary
      • Will work on setting up meeting with other Chapters (recent re-colonized and renovations) and ISU Deans.
      • We should consider having meetings at VEISHEA and Homecoming every year - everyone seemed in favor of this idea.
  • New Business
    • Property Management Agreement
      • Questions:
        • Does the $1,000 per 12 months include the already spent $800+?
        • What is the term?  Seems to be 19 months from 1/1/2011.
        • Renew?  Make sure we are aware we need to cancel 90 days before end or it automatically renews.
        • Do we only pay the 10% or $15/month when it is rented?
      • Jason will follow-up with Martin Prop. regarding questions this week.
      • Chris will forward the contract to BLF for assistance with legalese.
    • Questions/comments/other items
      • Discussed continuing to meet weekly - everyone seemed in favor of continuing since we have these big decisions to make.
    • Next Meeting
      • 9 pm on Sunday, March 6th


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