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Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - 03-13-2011 E-mail

Full meeting minutes available below Attendess:

  1. Nate Engle (attended briefly to answer questions)
  2. Dax Kuhfuss
  3. Jason Carroll
  4. Brian Vanecek
  5. Chris Moe
  6. Bill Stockdale
  7. Brant Bristow
  8. Josh Brown
  9. Aaron Brace
  • Office/Committee Reports
    • Facilities
      • Received an offer of $1,500 a month for next year.  Waiting to see if the property management company can negotiate more.
      • Haven't heard anything back from BLF regarding the contract.  Will follow up with them.
    • Treasurer
      • $10,200 in taxes due ($4,900 from Fall and $5,300 due 4/1)
    • Fundraising
      • Received a matching donation from Ed McCracken.
      • Received a $3,000 donation, and support for a $1,000 a year scholarship.
      • Still talking to several of our initial round of donors.
  • Old Business
    • Alumni Communication
      • Chris is making some more changes to the draft, including a fund-raising update.  Josh will contact Chris with any late breaking news on Wednesday.  Otherwise, we'll go with the current status update.
      • Brant and Chris are working on an update email regarding the VEISHEA meeting.
    • VEISHEA meeting
      • April 16th - 4 pm - Gateway Center
      • Guests: Brian T., Consultant (Triangle Foundation – fundraising), & ISU
        Greek Affairs (Jen or GA)
      • Tentative meeting with Engineering Dean at 8:30 am Saturday morning.
    • Recolonization Plan
      • Josh mentioned a couple questions that have come up in fund-raising:  What kind of standards would be in place for new members?  Are we looking at going back to a dry house?  Consensus was these might be good things to discuss during the VEISHEA meeting.
    • Board Operations - Committees
      • Recruitment - Dax
      • Facilities - Brant
      • Fund-raising - Josh
      • Communication - Chris Moe
      • 50th Anniversary - open


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