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Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - 04-03-2011 E-mail

Full meeting minutes available below




  1. Nate Engle
  2. Dax Kuhfuss
  3. Jason Carroll
  4. Brian Vanecek
  5. Chris Moe
  6. Bill Stockdale
  7. Brant Bristow
  • Office/Committee Reports
    • President (Jason)
      • Received final suspension letter from National.  Available from Jason as a PDF.
    • Facilities
      • Annex
        • Rental Status - rented for the Fall-Spring for $1,500/mo., still considering summer (some renters already have leases)
        • Contract - comments?  approval?  Waiting on BLF assistance.
      • Chapter House
        • Need to plan for VEISHEA weekend - mainly just cleaning and finding a place for all the "historical" items.
        • Backflow Inspection - no need to do the test if the water is shut off (city removes water meter).  Will schedule the shut off next week, Client Rabe will meet the city at the House.
        • Dumpter for VEISHEA?
          • Nate is setting that up this week.
    • Treasurer (Nate)
      • Current Status
        • $949.82 in account
        • $10,415 in property taxes due.
  • Old Business
    • Alumni Communication
      • Initial Informational Communication (email and survey) sent Feb. 10th
        • Josh to set up secured website with results
        • 84/212 emails opened, 26 clicked on links, 14 surveys completed (as of 2/14)
      • Second Email Communication - Brant completed and sent to Josh.
      • Chris sent snail mail letter last week.
      • Jason and Chris are working on contacting people who indicated an interest in helping out.
    • VEISHEA Meeting (April 15th - 17th)
      • April 16th - 4 pm - Gateway Center
      • Guests:  Brian T., Consultant (Triangle Foundation - fundraising) & ISU Greek Affairs (Jen or GA)


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