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Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - 05-09-2011 E-mail

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  1. Nate Engle
  2. Dax Kuhfuss
  3. Jason Carroll
  4. Brian Vanecek
  5. Chris Moe
  6. Bill Stockdale
  7. Josh Brown
  8. Brant Bristow
  • Office/Committee Reports
    • President (Jason)
      • House Clean-up
        • We got charged an extra $140 because someone threw a couple microwaves into the dumpster.
        • There were a couple of A/C units in the house.  Clint is going to look into disposing of those.
    • Facilities (Brant)
      • Chapter House
        • Structural Inspection by Brant & Jim
          • Structure is salvageable, interestingly it gets better as you go down.
          • 3rd floor is in rough shape, 2nd floor decent, main floor and basement good.
        • Renovation Options
          • Working with Jesse Bulman, Josh Miltenberger, Matt Ostanik, and Client Rabe on developing some options.
          • Rough guess on a major renovation:  $250 - $300 / sq. ft.
          • Brand new: $200 / sq. ft.
          • These are still preliminary, working through some of the figures, demolition costs, etc.
          • Seems counter-intuitive, but the kind of renovation needed would be like building a whole new house, but within the constraints of the existing structure.
        • Sell Option
          • Nate has talked with a Realtor about an estimate of what the property could be sold for.
          • Our property falls into the University impacted overlay district, which requires a certain number of parking spots per bedroom.
          • Estimated that the property could support 18 three-bedroom units.  Going rate has been roughly $20,000 per unit, so estimating it could sell for about $360,000.
        • Build New Option
          • Two rough options for demolition:  looking at just going down to the basement and reusing the existing foundation, and tearing everything out.
        • Thumper's house
          • $350,000
          • Some rumors that maybe it has been taken off the market, Chris is going to look at that.
          • Keep investigating to see if that is a viable option
    • Fund-raising (Josh)
      • Feasibility Study (Brett) Update
        • Needs some rough plans / estimated dollar figures for Brett, then he can start setting up meetings.
      • Donations / Loan Work
        • Working on getting donations to Nate.
    • Treasurer (Nate)
      • Current Status
        • $507.58 in account
        • $10,415 in property taxes due.
    • Alumni Communication (Chris)
      • Had some discussions about this, but we need to follow-up with Brett first to understand what he wants us to communicate.


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