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Alumni Board Meeting Minutes - 05-23-2011 E-mail

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  1. Nate Engle
  2. Dax Kuhfuss
  3. Jason Carroll
  4. Brian Vanecek
  5. Chris Moe
  • Office/Committee Reports
    • President (Jason)
      • National Convention
        • Will look at Josh or Jason going.  If anyone decides they want to go, contact Jason.
    • Facilities (Brant)
      • Thumper's house
        • Been in contact, but still working on a clear answer if it is still on the market or not.
    • Fund-raising (Josh)
      • Feasibility Study (Brett) Update
        • Working on getting funding from the BLF for the feasibility study.  They came back with some questions, Chris is working on answering them.
    • Treasurer (Nate)
      • Current Status
        • Received a small donation.  Ok for a couple weeks.  Still waiting for the major donations to come in.
    • Alumni Communication (Chris)
      • Had some discussions about this, but we need to follow-up with Brett first to understand what he wants us to communicate.


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