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Homecoming Meeting E-mail

Jason Carroll/alumni board president

DATE: October 27, 2012
Brant Bristow (alumni board VP)
Dax Kuhfuss (alumni board member)
Chris Moe (alumni board member)
Travis Bolton
John Pritchard
Paul Slack
Bob Balsbaugh
Matt Bonneau
Nate Engle (alumni board member)
Nate Johnson
Clint Rabe
Olaf Peterson
Brian Rayski
David Scott
Corky Gaskell
Josh Miltenberger
John Gould
Chris Coward
Brian Tenclinger (Executive Director)


The Iowa State Chapter of Triangle Fraternity held its homecoming meeting on October 27, 2012 at 1:00 pm in the Iowa State University Alumni Center in Ames, Iowa.

  1. Attendees introduced themselves with name, current residence and year of initiation

  2. A current status of the chapter was provided by Jason Carroll, Alumni Board President:

    After discussions at VEISHEA, and a unanimous recommendation from those in attendance, the properties were put up for sale and closed on 8/31/2012 for $406,250.  The new owner worked quickly to take down the house and it is our understanding plans have been submitted to the city for re-development.

    Chapter possessions have been moved to a climate-controlled storage garage in Ames.  This includes all of the Ritual materials, composites, trophies, pictures, and a few pledge projects. 

    The Beta Sig House was sold to the owner of the property next door without our knowledge before we could finalize the financing.  We have reached out to the all the other Chapters and continue dialogue with our real estate agent.  It is expected that another property will be available within 12-18 months, but it is very uncertain.  Sigma Nu is also re-colonizing and will be ahead of us in terms of those efforts, but we feel like we are positioned well to purchase a new property.

    From the properties sale, we cleared just under $300,000.  Funds are currently in an ING account and money market accounts.  We are looking for assistance with taxes and investment.  It was noted that Brs. Rosie and Tom Pfeifler became CPAs.  The plans to use the funds are for re-colonization ($20,000) and a new facility down payment in addition to other Alumni gatherings and communications. 


    We will be developing detailed plans for re-colonization in the coming months with National Office.  At that time we will also be looking for a core group of people to be responsible for the re-colonization efforts.  Please contact the Board if you are interested in helping.

    Plan to put together an advisory board to work with the colony on a more regular basis – match up alumni to officers and members.  Commit to attending meetings and having a presence with the new active members.  It is anticipated that the Alumni Board will handle the finances and actives will have some discretionary funding.  Greater coordination with recruitment and networking is expected.

    It was discussed that we have around 400 alumni members with only 150 emails and only a portion of those are opened.  We have made great strides with Facebook and LinkedIn, but are still missing some people.  It was recommended that we continue to publicize those brothers we do not have current information for and solicit help from brothers to complete the list.  We may want to try a paper mailing to connect with people that do not use e-mail regularly.

  3. Executive Director and CEO Brain Tenclinger discussed the alumni directory effort by National and the re-colonization plans.  The directory is a way for the National Office to connect and update contact information and allow members to purchase the latest information.  Please participate to have your latest information available.

    The re-colonization method is based on Steven Covey’s Seven Habits with a goal in mind to re-install the Chapter in April 2014 at the 50th Anniversary.  National Office would be on-campus not later than August 24, 2013.  It is hoped that the founding fathers could be recruited within 3 weeks.  The process takes three-phases, interest group, colony, and then active chapter.  The transition is based on numbers of men and their ability to begin doing more things on their own.  By 9/21/2013 the interest group would be formed and the group would begin to gel as well as do new member education and learn about running a greek chapter.  By 12/1/2013, the goal would be to transition to a colony in which the men would be responsible for recruitment and pledging.  A goal of a full active chapter by April 2014 is the final step, then continuing as a sustainable, strong chapter.

    The mechanics of the process are that National would start getting the word out in the spring of 2013.  This would include initial discussions with academic advisors, dean of students, and other university departments as well as the sororities.  Advertising in the school paper and some posters up in buildings will also likely occur.  Specific goals will be developed in terms of the types of men – underclassman and upperclassmen, majors, and other factors.  The best mix is about 50/50 and they have also had really good success with graduate students.  The National staff would include a blitz at the beginning with three staff members (the entire development staff) for the first month, then one member would peel off and the two would remain for another month, and then another would peel off and the remaining staff would remain for about 6 months.  The job of the alumni is to pay for the staff and other expenses as well as be involved in the direction of the recruitment and then help with formal ceremonies and developing the structure to be in place once the chapter takes root.  The ideal alumni structure is a three-group set-up.  The Alumni Board/Association is in-charge of the social functions for the alumni, the Housing Board is in-charge of the physical facility, and the Membership Development board would match-up and mentor the active chapter officers and members.  The Membership Development board should be at least seven people and helps to be local but can be done remotely.

    The future of recruitment was discussed at Iowa State.  The historical method was summertime, but with pressure from DOR and other this is slowly changing.  Greek Getaway (an event for incoming seniors to visit in the spring) and formal fall recruitment have been trying to lessen summer recruitment.  We have a good opportunity to set up a more year-round process.  We will have a goal number with the National staff based upon number of eligible men and the size of other greek chapters.  At Clemson the goal is 47, but at Iowa State the goal will likely be closer to 30 men.

  4. Elections were held.  Four Board members were elected, the two expiring terms plus the active president position and seat being vacated by Nate Engle.  Nominations were taken and everyone voted four times with the top two vote getter serving the three-year terms and next two serving the two one-year terms.
    Chris Moe
    Bob Balsbaugh
    John Pritchard
    Clint Rabe
    Nate Johnson
    Matt Bonneau
    Chris Moe and Bob Balsbaugh received the highest votes, John Pritchard and Clint Rabe received the next highest votes.

  5. Officer elections were held.
    Chris Moe was nominated for President, with no other nominations he was confirmed
    Brant Bristow was nominated for Vice President, with no other nominations he was confirmed
    Jason Carroll was nominate for Treasurer/Secretary, with no other nominations he was confirmed

  6. Meeting was adjourned at about 2:30pm


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