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Huge thanks to all who have sponsored a new member's pledge fee! The new member fee for National goes toward the pledge pin, member manual and filing time for the office staff. It was just reduced this summer from $115 to $90. The sponsorship is a great way to, not only make it easier on the undergrads, but also start this new chapter off on the right foot, showing them that alumni involvement and commitment is strong. It also gives our alums a way to feel connected again with the chapter. Many have expresses a desire to help, and this is a nice easy way to do it.


Thanks to:
Dan Brown is70, who sponsored Jacob Acosta
Glenn Dennis Vondra is66, who sponsored Mark Humphreys
John Gould is66, who sponsored EJ Lines
Brant Bristow is98, who sponsored Tucker Flinn
Jason Carroll is02, who sponsored Jacob Gentile
John Pritchard is82, who sponsored Cody Stultz
Dax Kuhfuss is98, who sponsored Adam Brown
Robert Balsbaugh is74, who sponsored Ryan Gunckel
Clint Rabe is99, who sponsored Adrian Castillo Jr.
Chris Moe is92, who sponsored David Tang Jr.
Ron Amenta is80, who sponsored Ahn Tran
Bill Ortega is90, who sponsored Benjamin Perna
Larry Medberry is66, who sponsored Jeremey Burley
Corky Gaskell is81 (2), who sponsored Dylan Busby and Ian Kordich
Jim Gast is89, who sponsored Kaleb Bowen
Keith "Gus" Gustafson is66 (2 - one in honor of Myron Kingslien is66 who entered Chapter Eternal in 2005) who sponsored Kyle Wilkins and Georges Bou Saab
Matt Ostanik is97, who sponsored Zackary
Adam Bohl is06, who sponsored Forrest Cauley
Jack Cheney is82, who sponsored Tyler Bennett
Craig VanGundy is99, who sponsored Kyle Hall
Nate Johnson is02, who sponsored Brian Regan

Sponsorships can be sent to Alumni Treasurer Jason Carroll at his home address:

15255 Edinborough Ave NE
Prior Lake, MN 55372

or sent through PayPal using the form on the left side of this site (please put "pledge sponsorship" in the purpose field).



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