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Chapter Endowment Fund update E-mail

Hello Brothers,

We want to pass along an update on the progress of our Chapter Endowment Fund.  Each of you should have received a letter from John Pritchard in the mail in May (if you didn't please email us so we can update our information).  The text of that letter is also in the post below this one. We also posted the letter via our email distribution list, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Our goal is to establish a $100k endowment that will support the undergraduates through annual disbursements.  Surprisingly, the response to this call for support was disappointing.

The good news is that we exceeded the minimum threshold of $25k necessary to provide some funds to the undergraduates this school year. The bad news is the amount we've raised.  To date we've received $52,900 ($32,513 cash and $20,387 pledged).  Out of over 412 alumni, only 18 have donated or pledged - ouch.  We know we can do better than that.  Some brothers had indicated they would make a donation, but have yet to do so.  We think others may have set it aside to think about it and then forgot.  Because of the critical importance to the newly re-formed chapter, we ask you to please pick it back up and make a donation soon.  As mentioned in the letter, we’d like to achieve a high participation rate, even if each donation isn't large, so we can send a message of support to the undergraduates.


Please participate. Thank you very much!

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F, S, & C,

Chris Moe is92
Alumni Board President
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