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March 11, 2017

Dear Brothers:

On April 12, 2014, at the gala celebrating our 50th Anniversary, we launched a campaign to establish the Iowa State Chapter Endowment Fund. The purpose was to establish a sizable corpus which would persist in perpetuity to provide annual financial assistance for educational purposes for the benefit of the men of the Iowa State Chapter of Triangle Fraternity. The endowment is invested and managed by the Triangle Education Foundation and provides 5% of its value annually to the chapter. We established a goal of $100k, which would provide $5,000 per year. I’m very pleased to report that we have achieved the $100k goal! I’ll admit, it took FAR longer than I thought it would. Maybe I jinxed it when, at the gala, I said it should be easy! In my defense, we had already lined up $44k from four brothers for the launch. Nonetheless, we have now hit our goal. And for the last two years, the undergraduates have been benefiting from the CEF funds. Funds aided attendance at Leadership and Training Weekend and Herb Scobie Leadership School. This year, with the new house, the men are deliberately thinking through the best use of the funds for the house (I love their seriousness about spending the money), and are in the process of buying a 3-D printer. The men are very appreciative of the support shown by the generous donations of their older brothers.

I have personally thanked each brother who donated, but I think they deserve recognition and thanks from all of us brothers.

Ron Beguin 1964

Ron Sippel 1976

Dan Diesburg 1964

Doug Wiltsie 1977

Jerry Leimer 1964

Dave Slack 1981

Mike Mallinger 1964

Tom Laing 1982

John Poyzer 1964

John Pritchard 1982

Lynn Davis 1965

Dan Ricken 1982

Rich Soukup 1965

Greg Walch 1982

John Gould 1966

Doug Opheim 1983

Larry Medberry 1966

Matt Perun 1984

Ron Moore 1966

Scott Evans 1985

Glenn Vondra 1966

Rick Hautekeete 1987

Ted Newton 1967

Shane Judge 1987

Arnold Dejoode 1969

Chris Moe 1992

Thomas Friedrichsen 1969

Matt Ostanik 1997

Jim Fay 1970

Benjamin Kubczak 1998

Roger Noll 1971

John Meyer 1999

Rich Schlicher 1971

Clint Rabe 1999

Mike Goeser 1973

Nick Shafer 2001

Tom Mallinger 1973

Jason Carroll 2002

Bob Balsbaugh 1974

Nate Johnson 2002

Vince Hoellerich 1975

Weston Lahr 2002

Bob Goehring 1976

Justin Richardson 2009


As a CEO who was often accused by my sales staff of moving the goal line, I need to mention that, although we achieved our goal there is no cap on the CEF, so if you’d still like to donate please don’t hesitate. As the CEF grows, more funds are available annually to the men.

This is quite an accomplishment and will provide lasting benefits to the chapter. I’d like to convey my sincere appreciation to everyone.

In F, S, and C,
John Pritchard
Alumni Board President



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